With the expanding market of vintage synthesizer restoration there remained the need for high quality graphics for both dealers and the individual user. We provide faceplate panel overlays made with the same professional grade materials & techniques used by major instrument manufacturers that are both affordable & can be installed with minimum effort. 

JD-XA front

We Are SynthGraphics

This venture began after receiving a KiwiTechnics KIWI-106 upgrade for a Juno-106 and creating a custom panel design to assist the user in accessing the new parameters without using the software editor or the manual. Our product line has now been expanded to include additional instruments as well as the entire KiwiTechnics line of upgrades, working directly with them to ensure accuracy of the overlay designs. We are fully endorsed by KiwiTechnics.

At the bottom of each product page there are additional synth restoration resources / products for those of you looking for a complete solution. If you don’t find what you’re looking for on our website please contact us regarding custom designs.

We appreciate your interest in our products.

- The SynthGraphics Team

TR-8 overlay


11-19-2015 - REVISED

Well the time has come to move on at SynthGraphics and onto other adventures, we have sold over 400 overlays over the last two years and I thank you all for your support! And it’s been a fun ride and got to meet a lot of great people along the journey. I’ve decided to scale back operations to free up some personal time for my own music, some of you have noticed I can’t even keep up with the e-mails, if I have not returned yours yet I do apologize.

We will stop producing some older products after the first of the year until further notice. But do not worry all current orders are being shipped as normal and in fact due to demand we will be doing several last production runs in limited quantities of the following:

- Kiwi-3P – Limited production run of 10 overlays
- Kiwi-3P for BCR editor – Limited production run of 10 overlays
- KiwiSix – Limited production run of 10 overlays
- Kiwi-106 – Limited production run of 10 overlays in the ‘classic’ minimal look (see website for sample) for the Juno-106 purists.
- 909/808 style for TR-8 – Limited production run of 10 overlays

Please allow 4-6 weeks for production/shipping time. If you think you will be wanting one, do not wait, once they are gone they are gone for good.

We will have a new JD-XA overlay coming soon! Will be a 5-piece kit that covers the shiny fingerprint scratch prone areas with white/silver type on black so you can actually read the panel. Photos coming soon!! Will most likely be on display at NAMM this coming January. PSICraft will also have a new JD-XA and JD-Xi software editor on display.

I also have a very limited supply of the following:

- Kiwi-106 3-Piece Kit in grey (5 available)
- Replica Juno-106 overlay (2 available)
- Replica PolySix overlay (10 available)
- microK BCR-2000 overlay (4 available)
- xOxBox 808-style overlay (4 available)

I also get requests for SP-12 and SP-1200 overlays that we once produced. I will only be taking bulk orders as they are too expensive to make one at a time since they are screenprinted. Minimum of 10 overlays per order – this would be a good solution for resellers or a group buy.

Items that I will not being doing more production runs are: BCR-2000 MoTET, microK (limited numbers still in stock), Alpha Juno, and ChromaTROL.

Thank You!

PS. If you are interested in buying SynthGraphics, art assets, domains, and all the tools needed please inquire.



Just received my SP-1200 overlay, and I must say, you guys did a hell of a good job !!! YOURS IS PERFECT !! It feels like being back in 87' and having it new ! Thank you!
- aktarus77

These Kiwi 106 overlays are a great addition to anyone installing the Kiwi CPU upgrade. Makes it so much easier to see where the new controls are located. Excellent quality and very easy to install! I've now ordered another CPU so will be ordering again soon...
Steve - UK
Savage Electronics

I installed the Juno version of the overlay and it took me less than 10 minutes. It is an extremely well made overlay and if you follow the instructions it goes on perfectly. I highly recommend it.
kpsiegel - USA

The overlay looks fantastic and adds to the new feel of the synth.
Gearslutz Post

We just got the Kiwi-106 Overlays, and they look great!
Sam - USA
Three Wave Music Store

Happy Oz customer, well done! Looks amazing!
Dr Nayyar - Australia

Getting professional results is pretty easy given the exceptional strength of the overlay and the highly accurate panel cut-outs in the design. Thumbs up!
Syntegrator - Canada
YouTube Channel

I have to say I am impressed. Very nice work and quality indeed.
Murray - New Zealand

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